Jianyong Lou

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This paper presented a novel network model for dynamic stray capacitance calculation of planar inductor with matrix structure, of which the nanocrystal magnetic material was used to consist of its magnetic core. The magnetic core was taken into account to be one part of this dynamic capacitance network model in high frequency, and its electric potential was(More)
A new type of permanent magnet actuator driven by electromagnetic repulsive force in breaking course and electromagnetic attraction force during closing course is presented in this paper, and the static and dynamic characteristics for contactor with this new type actuator are mainly focused on by simulation and experiment simultaneously. Firstly, the static(More)
This paper presents comparative studies of magnetic characteristics and dynamic performances for two mutually coupled dual-channel switched reluctance machines (DCSRMs) with the same properties and different winding connections. A 2D/3D finite element method (FEM) is used to analyze the magnetic field distributions and calculate the static inductance and(More)
This paper is mainly devoted to the three-dimension calculation of the electric and magnetic fields in the simplified arc chamber of low-voltage circuit breakers. Coupled with the plasma flow field, the electric potential and current density in arc plasma are calculated according to the electric conductivity, which is mainly decided by the temperature.(More)
The selective passively compensated pulsed alternator has wide applications in military and civil areas such as power source for electromagnetic launch, electrothermal chemical gun and plasma sprayed coating. It can produce wide range of current waveforms realized by shorted compensating windings. In this paper, two cases of winding arrangements and their(More)
This paper deals with the comparison of the modeling and performances of a 12/8 dual channel switched reluctance generator (DCSRG) including mutual coupling under different operation modes. Firstly, the flux patterns of DCSRG under different excitation modes are illustrated and compared. Then the dynamic models are descibed for DCSRG operating under single(More)
We demonstrate a high efficient carbon nanotube (CNT) based infrared (IR) detector combined with a nano antenna. A nanoscale antenna is used as a metallic field enhancement structure for boosting the electric field intensity at the position of the sensing element. Here, we report the theoretical analysis and experimental characterization of a nano antenna(More)
A two-dimensional flux-flow model is constructed to investigate the electromagnetic characteristics of a melt cast process BSCCO-2212 tube. Solving the flux-flow equilibrium equation with numerical method, we obtain the distributions of the current density, the flux density, and the flux-flow resistivity. The effect of inner radii on the critical current is(More)
It has been demonstrated that carbon nanotube (CNT) acts as a promising functional material to effectively detect infrared signals due to the unique properties arose from its novel geometry. However, the performance of CNT based photodetectors is limited by low fill factor owing to their small photon absorption area. In order to address this problem, a(More)
For the electromagnetic rail launcher, the parameters variation has obvious effect on the dynamic performance and efficiency. This paper constructs the system simulation model of the electromagnetic rail launcher by using of Simulink software, and then analyzes the influences on the system dynamic performance for main devices. Based on the parameters and(More)