Jianying Zheng

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In this paper, we investigate a mean-square stabilizing solution to a modified algebraic Riccati equation (MARE), which arises in our previous work on the linear quadratic optimal control for linear time-invariant discrete systems with random input gains. An explicit necessary and sufficient condition ensuring the existence of a mean-square stabilizing(More)
Along with the development of industry, the number of vehicles is growing very fast. Then, the traffic situation will be complicated. In order to alleviate the traffic pressure and decrease the traffic congestion, the study of vehicle detection becomes very important and very necessary. The traditional vehicle detection method, which is named inductive loop(More)
In wireless sensor networks (WSNs), location information is regarded as essential information to achieve intelligent monitoring and control. Recently, a large number of rangebased localisation algorithms were proposed. Nearly, all of the algorithms are based on least square method, in which the sum of all ranging error is treated as the performance index.(More)
Experiment is the effective research means. In this paper, an experiment platform for underwater acoustic sensor networks(UASNs) is designed and developed, which serves as the testing and evaluating system of UASNs and is convenient, flexible and scalable... In this platform, an automatic testing language is proposed, which can support performance testing(More)