Jianying Peng

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Protoplasts of the indica rice (Oryza sativa L.) variety, IR54, were transiently transformed with the gusA gene and stably transformed with both the neo and gusA genes. We show that PEG-mediated co-transformation of protoplasts with two genes on separate plasmids coupled with selection on kanamycin is an effective way of transferring foreign gene(s) into(More)
We have established a system to genetically engineer indica rice plants. In order to obtain transgenic plants, genes were introduced into protoplasts isolated from suspension cells of the indica rice var ‘IR54’ with the aid of polyethylene glycol (PEG). The neo gene was on pKAN and the gusA gene was on pPUR. The promoter for both genes was CaMV35S.(More)
Inheritance of foreign genes neo and gusA in rice (Oryza sativa L. cv. IR54 and Radon) has been investigated in three different primary (T0) transformants and their progeny plants. T0 plants were obtained by co-transforming protoplasts from two different rice suspension cultures with the neomycin phosphotransferase II gene [neo or aph (3′) II] and the(More)
A diallel study involving reciprocal crosses of four genotypes (IR8, 36, 54, and 64) was carried out to understand the genetic mechanism of plant regeneration from immature embryo-calli in rice. Regeneration frequency (% of calli that produced plants) varied from a high of 86% for IR54 to a low of 0% for IR36, while regenerated plants per embryo numbered(More)
Bitstream parsing is a basic task in video decoding systems. With the development of video compression standards, the trend of the VLSI architecture for bitstream parser is toward programmable. Due to the strong data-dependency and bit-level sequential operations, bitstream parsing is unsuitable to accelerate by general architectures, such as RISC, SIMD and(More)
A rapid and efficient method for assaying both NPT II and GUS activities was developed. In this method, which is modified from that of McDonnell et al. (1987), and Jefferson (1987), no sample processing procedures such as grinding and centrifugation are necessary. Cut plant tissues (leaves) or intact calli or cells expressing the genes of interest are(More)
This paper proposes an efficient SIMD architecture with parallel memory for 2D cosine transforms of multiple video standards. A novel parallel memory scheme is employed to provide conflict-free parallel access in both horizontal and vertical directions with the successive or even/odd mode, as well as to eliminate data permutation and matrix transposition.(More)
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