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—To extract the important physiological factors related to diabetes from an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) by mathematical modeling, highly informative but convenient protocols are required. Current models require a large number of samples and extended period of testing, which is not practical for daily use. The purpose of this study is to make model(More)
The efficiency of heart pump function greatly depends on synchronized contraction of myocardial muscle. In this work, contraction simulation of an excitable ventricular tissue cable was constructed to study the influence of excitation patterns on tissue contraction. The tissue cable is composed of elements which contract when excited by an external(More)
Model-based predictive approaches have been receiving increasing attention as a valuable tool to reduce cost in drug development. In this work, a model-fitting-based approach for solving drug actions using cardiac action potential recordings is investigated. Contribution of major ion currents in cardiac membrane excitation has been intensively studied.(More)
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