Jianye Guo

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This paper takes one kind of 3-TPT parallel robot as the object to study. It mainly analyzes the posture error of movable platform influenced by the parallelogram mechanism of parallel robot. Firstly, on the basis of introducing the structure of parallel robot, the kinematics equation of the parallelogram mechanism of this parallel robot is analyzed and(More)
This paper introduces the structure, requirements, working principle and design principles of the V-belt pulley absorber in the automobile engine. The formula has been deduced to generate the torsional vibration frequency response characteristics curve of the crankshaft in automobile engine. And the different influences to antivibration effect have been(More)
This paper takes one kind of 3-TPT Parallel Machine Tool (PMT) as the object to study. It mainly analyzes the influence of the posture error of PMT movable platform on its position error. Firstly, on the basis of introducing the structure of PMT, the kinematics of this machine is analyzed, and the kinematics equation of the parallel mechanism is obtained.(More)
The continuum structure topology optimization design has been research hot spot and the difficulty in the structure optimization design. This article uses the reliability theory and the ESO method to solve the program of the reliability-based topology optimal design of continuum structural. The mathematical model is established and the perturbation method(More)
This paper takes a kind of 3-TPT Parallel Machine Tool (PMT) as the objective of research. First, the kinematic analysis is carried out to the machine and the kinematics equation is obtained. Then, the mathematical model on position error of movable platform of this machine is established in considering the joint gap based on the kinematics equation.(More)
The effect of thermohydrogen treatment on machinability of TC21 alloy has been studied by turning a group of TC21 alloy testing workpieces with different hydrogen content, measuring cutting force and surface roughness as well as observing chip morphology. Results of this experiment reveal that machinability of TC21 alloy improves with increasing hydrogen(More)
the parallel lathe is a kind of new structure lathe, and the kinematics analysis is the foundation of the theoretical research on the lathe. The purpose of reliability analysis of kinematics position accuracy is to make the structural design meet the requirement of reliability. This paper establishes the kinematics equation of a kind of 3-tpt parallel lathe(More)
Turning Hastelloy X alloy experiments was carried out according to the experimental plan designed based on the quadratic rotary combination design technique. The regression model of average surface roughness (Ra) is assigned for the exponential form. By identifying regression coefficient using genetic algorithm toolbox in MALAB7.1, a regression model of Ra(More)
In this paper, one kind of 3-UPS parallel robot is researched. At first, the inverse matrix of Jacobian is obtained according to the inverse kinematics equation of parallel robot, and then the condition number of Jacobian matrix is acquired. Then, it takes the condition number of Jacobian matrix as measurable index to analyze the processing dexterity of(More)