Jianyao Hu

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The current generation of non-linear vector network analysers (NVNA) relies on a multi-harmonic generator to establish an absolute phase reference. Such a reference may not be readily available or, more importantly, may impose limitations on tone spacing in multi-tone testing for one type of NVNA based on a four-port VNA. The latter is a severe limitation(More)
In this work, the electrical properties of AlGaN/GaN heterostructure grown on Si substrate with low-temperature AlN (LT-AlN) interlayers were investigated. Hall effect measurement was used to test the electrical properties of AlGaN/GaN heterostructure in all samples with different LT-AlN thickness. It is showed that the thickness of low-temperature AlN(More)
Mathematical models for DC bias vibration analysis of the transformer winding are developed. The model is combined into multi-physical field coupling modeling for vibration analysis of the transformer. By applying the primary voltage as excitation and under different DC bias, vibration of the transformer winding is simulated and analyzed. The simulation(More)
in this work, a novel low-cost and high-efficiency, multi-junction solar cells architecture is proposed. It is expected this kind of design will provide a significant approach for the high-efficient, low-cost solar cells, which will promote the application of solar cells. A thin planar reflection-type diffractive optical element (DOE) has been designed to(More)
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