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How to organize and discover the virtual resource effectively is an important research issue in network virtualization environment especially across multiple infrastructure providers with conflicting goals. In this paper, we explore a virtual resource organization and discovery framework of multiple infrastructure providers. The framework composed of(More)
Cognitive radio network has received increasing attention in recent few years. A unique challenge for routing in cognitive radio networks is the collaboration between the route selection and spectrum decision. To solve this problem, a Spectrum-aware Cluster-based routing protocol (SCRP) is proposed where a spectrum-cluster is built in each spectrum band in(More)
The virtual network embedding/mapping problem is a core issue of network virtualization. It is concerned mainly with how to map virtual network requests to the substrate network efficiently. There are two steps in this problem: node mapping and link mapping. Current studies mainly focus on developing heuristic algorithms, since both steps are(More)
With the development of network, users'services put forward diverse demands on the network QoS (Quality of Service), the QoS routing is the optimization problem under the satisfaction of multiple QoS constraints. This paper firstly sets up a multi-constrained QoS routing model and constructs the fitness value function by transforming the QoS constraints(More)
Network Virtualization is a promising way to deploy future network architectures supporting diverse virtual networks sharing the substrate network. But the increased flexibility poses a daunting challenge to the management and control of the virtual resources to ensure efficient resource utilization and QoS guarantee. In this paper, we propose an(More)
The fixed-complexity sphere decoder (FSD) has been proposed to attain the near-optimal performance achieving the same diversity order as the maximum-likelihood decoder (MLD). However, it suffers great redundant computations resulting in very high power consumption. In this paper, we combine the probabilistic tree pruning (PTP) method proposed recently by(More)
The virtual network (VN) embedding/mapping problem is recognized as an essential question of network virtualization. The VN embedding problem is a major challenge in this field. Its target is to efficiently map the virtual nodes and virtual links onto the substrate network resources. Previous research focused on designing heuristic-based algorithms or(More)
The existing virtual network mapping algorithms have the issues of solving matching equations complicatedly, high computation cost and lack of specific path-selection method. To address these issues, we propose a novel virtual network mapping algorithm called Valiant Load-balancing - Virtual Network Embedding (VLB-VNE). VLB-VNE divides the nodes of(More)