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Mexiletine and lidocaine are widely used class IB anti-arrhythmic drugs that are considered to act by blocking voltage-gated open sodium currents for treatment of ventricular arrhythmias and relief of pain. To gain mechanistic insights into action of anti-arrhythmics, we characterized biophysical properties of Nav1.5 and Nav1.7 channels stably expressed in(More)
Blind source extraction (BSE) is particularly attractive to solve blind signal mixture problems where only a few source signals are desired. Many existing BSE methods do not take into account the existence of noise and can only work well in noise-free environments. In practice, the desired signal is often contaminated by additional noise. Therefore, we try(More)
PURPOSE Chronic primary insomnia (CPI) is the most prevalent sleep disorder worldwide. CPI manifests as difficulties in sleep onset, maintaining sleep, prolonged sleep latency, and daytime impairment and is often accompanied by cognitive problems such as poor academic performance, poor attention, and decreased memory. The most popular explanation of(More)
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