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Over the last few years, many mathematicians contributed their efforts to establish the mathematical foundation of the theory of quantum cohomology or Gromov-Witten (GW) invariants. In 1995, Ruan and Tian [13, 15] first established for the semipositive symplectic manifolds. Recently, the semipositivity condition has been removed by many authors. Now, the(More)
This paper obtained the switching impulse flashover characteristic of live working complex gap on extra high voltage (EHV) and ultra high voltage (UHV) high-voltage transmission lines by a large number of experiments. Based on the experimental data and the leader inception discharge model, the complex gap discharge development during the process of entering(More)
Suppose that two compact manifolds X,X ′ are connected by a sequence of Mukai flops. In this paper, we construct a ring isomorphism between cohomology ring of X and X ′. Using the localization technique, we prove that the quantum corrected products on X,X ′ are the ordinary intersection products. Furthermore, X,X ′ have isomorphic Ruan cohomology. i.e. we(More)
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