Jianxiong Dong

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This work represents the international collaborative efforts by researchers from Southern California to address fundamental issues associated with large-scale sequestration of CO 2 in saline formations with emphasis on developing the potential for CO 2 sequestration projects in China. The collaborative research aims to address 1)Salt precipitation and(More)
Data quality is a key element for local search and advertising. Inaccurate, out-of-date or missing information causes an unpleasant search experience for users and affects competitiveness of service providers. This paper addresses the problem of evaluating link quality for business listings in local search and online advertising domain. We introduce a novel(More)
Visual C++ is microsoft registered trademark. Visual C++ is a software development platform. This software can be used for research over the world and is free of charge. Anybody who likes to use it for a commercial purpose should obtain the permission of the author. Arrangements can probably be worked out. Note that distributing this software bundled in(More)
Propose new methods based on visual perception and machine learning for cursive word recognition and design and implement an industry-strength recognition engine for cursive English words. The recognition rate is about 95%. Propose a state-of-the art algorithm for cursive word skew and slant correction. The algorithm performs well on words with small(More)
Injection of CO2 into saline formations represents a sequestration option of large potential capacity in China. As a leading research, this work represents a unique international collaborative effort by professors and researchers from Peking University, address fundamental issues associated with large-scale sequestration of CO2 in saline formations with(More)
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