Jianxing Wu

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A CPW-fed compact printed monopole antenna with quad-band notched characteristics is presented in this paper. The antenna design adopts a square patch with matching step. By etching a slot and a split ring resonantor (S-SRR) on the patch, employing a rectangular complementary split ring resonantor (CSRR) in each side of the ground plane, embedding a pair of(More)
A sub-microsecond pulse generation applied for electroporation effects of tumor cell is presented in this paper. The principle of the generator is that the expected pulse waveform is intercepted from the RC discharge curve by controlling the on-off states of two IGBT modules with a synchronous controller. Experimental tests indicate that the generator can(More)
Combining with new light-controlled high-power photoconductive semiconductor switch device and sub-nanosecond monocycle pulse produced by Blumlein pulse forming line, we design a new high-voltage electromagnetic pulse radiation system potentially applied in the high-voltage electromagnetic pulse radiation-induced apoptosis system. Simulation results show(More)
A computer-controlled adjustable nanosecond pulse generator based on high-voltage MOSFET is designed in this paper, which owns stable performance and miniaturization profile of 32&#x00D7;30&#x00D7;7 cm<sup>3</sup>. The experiment results show that the pulser can generate electrical pulse with Gaussian rising time of 20 nanosecond, section-adjustable index(More)
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