Jianxin Yang

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Presently the waste processing and recycling of electronics in China is managed mostly by informal recycling businesses. This sector runs a considerable risk of causing environmental and occupational hazard. It also loses valuable materials by applying inappropriate recycling techniques. Formal recycling industries have to compete with informal businesses,(More)
Quantitative (q) PCR by amplification of nucleic acid with a fluorescent dye is widely used. Selection of adequate PCR reagents and devices is relevant to achieve reliable and consistent data. Our main objective was to test the robustness of different commercial SYBR green PCR mixes with respect to specificity and sensitivity of the PCR assay, across(More)
A novel chitosan derivative carrying the benzene group was synthesized by Michael reaction. The chemical structures of the compounds were characterized by FT-IR, UV-vis spectrometry, XRD, elemental analysis, and 1H NMR spectroscopy in detail. The degree of substitution (DS) of chitosan derivative was calculated by elemental analysis. The UV-vis results(More)
Cognitive radio network security has become an important issue affecting the development of cognitive radio technology. Primary user emulation attacks(PUEA) is a common attack in the Cognitive radio network. In the scheme, we choose cooperative spectrum sensing system as our model and soft fusion as our Fusion method. We analyze the impact of PUEA on the(More)
Land use and land cover change is driven by multiple influential factors from environmental and social dimensions in a land system. Land use practices of human decision-makers modify the landscape of the land system, possibly leading to landscape fragmentation, biodiversity loss, or environmental pollution-severe environmental or ecological impacts. While(More)
The very long instruction word (VLIW) architecture is considered to be one of the promising methods of increasing performance beyond standard reduced instruction set computing (RISC) architectures. However, few generally-accepted VLIW simulation environments are available for us in exploring the VLIW instruction set architectures (ISA) and their(More)
The bit error performance of four states 8PSK trellis coding modulation Viterbi decoding was deduced using the iterative calculation method with the probability density function measured by the path. The results show that in the condition of very low signal-to-noise ratio, when the BER is 10<sup>5</sup>, E<sub>b</sub>/No of the 4-D 8PSK TCM system is 3 dB(More)
The displacement of moving beam is one of key parameters for 300MN die forging hydraulic press. Its dynamic response characteristic can affect operation control performance of hydraulic press and control precision of moving beam&#x02019;s displacement. Dynamics mechanical-hydraulic coupling model of moving beam&#x02019;s drive system and moving(More)
This paper presents a fast-response full-wave inductor current sensor for a DC-DC converter operating in 10 MHz switching frequency. It can achieve high sensing accuracy better than 93% with inductor current varying from 100mA to 2.1 A. Also, the time response of proposed current sensor has been greatly improved and achieved &#x003C; 8 ns for sensing full(More)
In this paper, an age-structured epidemic model is formulated to describe the transmission dynamics of cholera. The PDE model incorporates direct and indirect transmission pathways, infection-age-dependent infectivity and variable periods of infectiousness. Under some suitable assumptions, the PDE model can be reduced to the multi-stage models investigated(More)