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In this paper we propose a BWT-based LZW algorithm for reducing the compressed size and the compression time. BWT and MTF can expose potential redundancies in a given input and then significantly improve the compression ratio of LZW. In order to avoid the poor matching speed of LZW on long runs of the same character, we propose a variant of RLE named RLE-N.(More)
Counting the cardinality of flows for massive high-speed traffic over sliding windows is still a challenging work under time and space constrains, but plays a key role in many network applications, such as traffic management and routing optimization in software defined network. In this paper, we propose a novel data structure (called LRU-Sketch) to address(More)
We present an algorithm called Projected Displaced-Mesh (PDM) based on projected-grid for terrains. This algorithm is different from the previous algorithms. Our algorithm uses Displaced-Mesh. It creates terrain mesh by projecting, and then displaces the vertices from height field. Because of the use of projection, the algorithm has automatic view dependent(More)