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—With the increasing prevalence of large scale cloud computing environments, how to place requested applications into available computing servers regarding to energy consumption has become an essential research problem, but existing application placement approaches are still not effective for live applications with dynamic characters. In this paper, we(More)
The increasing complexity and dynamics of grid environments have posed great challenges for secure and privacy-preserving collaboration in a virtual organization. In this paper, we propose PEACE-VO, a secure policy-enabled collaboration framework for virtual organizations. PEACE-VO employs role mapping to define trust relationships across autonomous(More)
Natural and man-made disasters can significantly impact both people and environments. Enhanced effect can be achieved through dynamic networking of people, systems and procedures and seamless integration of them to fulfil mission objectives with service-oriented sensor systems. However, the benefits of integration of services will not be realised unless we(More)
With energy and power costs increasing as the size of IT infrastructures grows, virtualization technologies enable scalable management for large scale of virtual machines running on physical systems, and virtualization-based green cloud computing paradigm is springing up to provide a scalable and energy-efficient network software application (NetApp in(More)
—Despite the proliferation of work on XML keyword query, it remains open to support keyword query over probabilis-tic XML data. Compared with traditional keyword search, it is far more expensive to answer a keyword query over probabilistic XML data due to the consideration of possible world semantics. In this paper, we firstly define the new problem of(More)
Service-orientation is a highly useful means of developing flexible, agile, and dependable software systems, and is a paradigm that has been increasingly adopted into Grid Computing middleware. However, service-orientation brings with it new challenges in the fields of dependability and security that need to be addressed by the High Assurance Systems(More)
In order to establish trust relationship between service requesters and providers in an open decentralized environment, we propose a novel trust negotiation framework, TOWER, which integrates distributed trust chain construction of trust management and aims to enhance the grid security infrastructure. Our approach leverages attribute-based credentials to(More)
Although keyword query enables inexperienced users to easily search XML database with no specific knowledge of complex structured query languages or XML data schemas, the ambiguity of keyword query may result in generating a great number of results that may be classified into different types. For users, each result type implies a possible search intention.(More)