Jianxin Chu

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In previous studies, progenitor embryoid body-derived (EBD) cells have been derived from human embryonic germ cells. These cells express lineage markers of three primary germ layers, although their potential to produce true fetal cells of various types has yet to be tested. To this end, we have transplanted EBD cells into the fetal sheep liver. We show that(More)
Multisensor data fusion methods for Gaussian noise are widely reported, while fusion approaches for non-Gaussian noise are seldom met in the literature. In this study, four statistical fusion methods are presented for a mixture of Gaussians noise. These four methods are the minimum variance approach, the maximum kurtosis approach, the minimum kurtosis(More)
This paper presents a stereovision system to aid in navigating an Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV). The ASV is guided to follow a path mainly by GPS, while the stereovision system is designed for assisting it to avoid obstacles or follow a target floating on water surface. After calibration, the stereovision system can estimate the positions of floating(More)
The mobile mooring system of ships usually consists of dozen of anchor windlasses, and it is an important question how these windlasses coordinate to fulfill the commanded tension input. The tension allocation of mobile mooring system with eight anchor windlasses is formulated in this study. The tension allocation problem is defined as an optimization(More)
A double two-phase induction motor (DTPIM) system is proposed. It is shown that by connecting the neutral lines of a pair of two-phase machines, only four switches need be used for each machine and the two machines share one set capacitors. This paper develops the mathematical model of this system and establishes the simulation model accordingly. Simulation(More)
Embryonic stem cell is promising for regenerative medicine. However, its application is hampered by the utilization of eggs in most established methods. Recently, a new pluripotent stem cell establishing method was reported that, mouse and human differentiated cells could be induced reprogrammed into a pluripotent state by expressing exogenetic stem factors(More)
Maintenance cycle is an important factor of a repairable system, and it is closely related to the safety operation and the level of energy consumption of the system. Two methods are presented to estimate the maintenance cycle from small sample based on a local fault interval model, one is the multi-point statistics method, and the other is the difference of(More)