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Multisensor data fusion methods for Gaussian noise are widely reported, while fusion approaches for non-Gaussian noise are seldom met in the literature. In this study, four statistical fusion methods are presented for a mixture of Gaussians noise. These four methods are the minimum variance approach, the maximum kurtosis approach, the minimum kurtosis(More)
This paper presents a stereovision system to aid in navigating an Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV). The ASV is guided to follow a path mainly by GPS, while the stereovision system is designed for assisting it to avoid obstacles or follow a target floating on water surface. After calibration, the stereovision system can estimate the positions of floating(More)
The mobile mooring system of ships usually consists of dozen of anchor windlasses, and it is an important question how these windlasses coordinate to fulfill the commanded tension input. The tension allocation of mobile mooring system with eight anchor windlasses is formulated in this study. The tension allocation problem is defined as an optimization(More)
Numerical simulations are used to investigate the frequency splitting phenomena of a symmetrical 2-coil wireless power transfer (WPT) system working under seawater and fresh water. It is found that a V-type frequency splitting pattern exists in the WPT system under seawater and fresh water, and also frequency shift is observed in the underwater WPT system(More)
The marine power system parameters, such as voltage, current, frequency and so on, are measured directly by single-sensor, whose accuracy, stability and reliability is lower. A new parameters measurment method of marine power system is proposed, which is synchronous sampling and distributed data fusion based on the optimal state estimation and the(More)
—Constant tension control of anchor chains is important for safety of moored ships. The core driving component of an anchor windlass system is an induction motor which is a multi-variables, coupled nonlinear system, and is difficult to control. To surmount this problem, a control scheme based on the inverse system method is introduced to linearize an(More)