Jianxin Cheng

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Injury and pain experienced by the infant results in immediate changes in pain sensitivity that last into adulthood. These long-term changes are likely initiated by altered gene expression. Here we measured how injury alters gene expression in the lumbar spinal cord early and late in the preweaning period of the rat. The expression of large numbers of genes(More)
Morphine injected locally to the paw of an adult or an infant rat is analgesic. Opiates specific to micro and kappa opioid receptors, and less consistently to delta opioid receptors, given locally to the site of injury in adult animals are also analgesic in a variety of models of inflammatory pain. To determine which opioid receptor(s) are involved in local(More)
The corticotropin releasing factors receptor-1 and receptor-2 (CRF1R and CRF2R) are therapeutic targets for treating neurological diseases. Antagonists targeting CRF1R have been developed for the potential treatment of anxiety disorders and alcohol addiction. It has been found that antagonists targeting CRF1R always show high selectivity, although CRF1R and(More)
To probe the selective mechanism of agonists binding to three opioid receptor subtypes, ligand-based and receptor-based methods were implemented together and subtype characteristics of opioid agonists were clearly described. Three pharmacophore models of opioid agonists were generated by the Catalyst/HypoGen program. The best pharmacophore models for μ, δ(More)
Oxidized low-density lipoprotein (oxLDL) plays a vital role in recruitment of monocytes to endothelial cells, which is important during early stages of atherosclerosis development. Edaravone, a potent and novel scavenger of free radicals inhibiting hydroxyl radicals, has been clinically used to reduce the neuronal damage following ischemic stroke. In the(More)
In product model design, it is of great significance to get to know consumer's perceptual feelings, i.e. Kansei, about the product so as to improve design and work out the desired product. In this paper, smart watch samples are firstly selected by referring to various kinds of sources. By decomposing watch model structure using morphological analysis(More)