Jianxiao Ma

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This paper discussed a land-use and transit problem with the equity constraints. The model is extended to incorporate a frequency-based transit network model, which gave the conclusions of potential reserved trip generation of each zone. The maximum total zonal trip generation is an important index for measuring the potential of zonespsila development. In(More)
The link traffic time estimation for urban traffic is an important part of the route guidance system, it is a necessary condition to realize the multiple functions of intelligent transportation, which has important effect on traffic planning, traffic management and traffic control. From the perspective of the research content, this paper analyzes the(More)
Driving restriction by car tail number is an important measure for decreasing traffic demand, and it has a certain effect on alleviating traffic congestion and reducing environment pollution. The article, from the economic perspective, defines car users greatly impacted by driving restriction as analysis object, and conceives trip utility function of car(More)
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