Jianxiao Chen

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Rail train safety monitoring sensor network is an important screen of guaranteeing the train safe, efficient, and reliable operation, the access point and fusion point are data transmission confluence center of the train safety monitoring sensor network, so reasonable configuration to the access point and fusion point has great significance to ensure the(More)
This paper proposed a kind of clustering algorithm based on square inaccuracy density. This algorithm adopted Square Inaccuracy density Function to fix on the parameter in clustering algorithm in order to avoid the problem caused by the random and subjective setting of the initial center of mass. In addition, this algorithm also brought in backtrack(More)
The density based distributed clustering algorithm DBDC has a higher time complexity in the process of distributed clustering. We proposed an improved density based distributed clustering algorithm. This algorithm used a data grid mapping method which mapped data object to the space grid first in the local level to improve the efficiency of the(More)
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