Jianwei Zheng

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In this paper, we consider the robust face recognition problem via iterative re-constrained group sparse classifier (IRGSC) with adaptive weights learning. Specifically, we propose a group sparse representation classification (GSRC) approach in which weighted features and groups are collaboratively adopted to encode more structure information and(More)
BACKGROUND Oesophageal cancer is a global heath problem. The prognosis for advanced oesophageal cancer is generally unfavourable, but early-stage asymptomatic oesophageal cancer is basically curable and could achieve better survival rates. The two most commonly used tests are cytologic examination and endoscopy with mucosal iodine staining. The efficacy of(More)
Trefoil factor 1 (TFF1) is a tumor suppressor gene that encodes a peptide belonging to the trefoil factor family of protease‑resistant peptides. Although TFF1 expression is frequently lost in gastric carcinomas (GCs), the tumorigenic pathways that are affected have yet to be determined. The aim of the current study was to identify the mechanism(s) by which(More)
We report the use of a simple complex assembled from Ni(II) salt and 2-mecaptoethanol in one step in water as the efficient catalyst in a molecular hydrogen system which can be sensitized by a low-cost xanthene dye, Erythrosin B. An excellent quantum efficiency of 24.5% is attained at 460 nm. This simple system is expected to contribute toward the(More)
Kernel discriminant analysis (KDA) which operates in the reproducing kernel Hilbert space (RKHS) is a very popular approach to dimensionality reduction. Kernel discriminative common vectors (KDCV) shares the same modified Fisher linear discriminant criterion with KDA and guarantees a 100 % recognition rate for the training set samples as well as favorable(More)
BACKGROUND Previous researches have reported that donor lymphocyte infusion (DLI) provides a new approach for the treatment of hematological malignancies and some solid tumors. The present study was designed to discuss the antitumor effect on mice with melanoma and possible involvement of the mechanism of haploidentical DLI in CB6F1 mice→CC3HF1 mice (F1→F1)(More)
Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)-modified MoS3 nanoparticles with unusual water solubility up to 1.0 mg mL(-1) were synthesized through a facile hydrothermal method in the presence of thioacetic acid. The amorphous nanoparticles wrapped by PVP have sizes of around 2.5 nm, which represent the smallest MoS3 clusters reported. The photocatalytic performance of the(More)
This paper first makes a comprehensive review of cloud computing research, describes the evolution process and conducts economic analysis of cloud computing from the nature of the product or service, network synergistic values and standards compatibility. Then, It is considered that the cloud computing is the external form of innovation in the computing(More)
In order to test whether the strategy of resource acquisition varies with life form, leaf texture and canopy gradient, we measured light-saturated net photosynthetic capacity (A max-mass) and leaf nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations (N mass and P mass) for 127 woody species of understory (small shrubs and tree seedlings) and 47 woody species of canopy(More)