Jianwei Zhang

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Recent years mesh-based Peer-to-Peer live streaming has become a promising way for service providers to offer high-quality live video streaming service to Internet users. In this paper, we make a detailed study on modeling and performance analysis of the pull-based P2P streaming systems. We establish the analytical framework for the pull-based streaming(More)
In this thesis we compare the performances of instrumental variable (IV) methods for estimating AR parameters of an ARMA process. The IV method, also called modified Yule Walker method, is based on the minimization of a weighted quadratic loss function with an appropriate choice of weighting matrix. In this thesis we study the performance of two optimally(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the correlation of S100A4 expression with the progression, prognosis and clinical pathology of gastric cancer (GC) in young pateints. A total of 85 tumor tissues with corresponding adjacent normal tissues and 62 non-metastatic lymph nodes (LNs) with corresponding metastatic LNs were obtained from young GC patients (<40(More)
Preparations utilizing monoclonal antibodies against S100A4 provide useful tools for functional studies to investigate the clinical applications of the human S100A4 protein. In the present study, human S100A4 protein was expressed in Escherichia coli (E. coli) BL21 (DE3), successfully purified by diethylaminoethyl cellulose anion-exchange chromatography and(More)
S100A4 protein is associated with Ca 2+-dependent regulation of intracellular activities and is significant in the invasion, growth and metastasis of cancer. In order to express rat S100A4 functionally and identify its biological activity following purification, an S100A4 gene fragment was optimized and fully synthesized via overlapping polymerase chain(More)
—Random scheduling strategy has been emphasized and recommended in push-based P2P streaming systems due to its simplicity and high efficiency, and so is the latest first strategy in file sharing systems. However, how to take advantage of the low playout delay feature in the latest first strategy and the high playout probability feature in the random(More)
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems have proved to be the most effective and popular file sharing applications in recent years. Previous studies mainly focus on the equal service and the differentiated service strategies when peers have no initial data before their download. In an upload-constrained P2P file sharing system, we model both the equal service process(More)
In this paper, we study many antenna beamforming algorithm research in cognitive radio two-way relay system. In this system, two primary users exchange information by second users, and the second users to configure multiple antennas, a user through the superposition signal sends it to the primary users, therefore in this article research the key problem is(More)
In this paper the use of a B-spline neuro-fuzzy model for diierent tasks such as vision-based ne-positioning and force control is presented. It is shown that neuro-fuzzy controllers can be used not only for low-dimensional problems like force control but also for high-dimensional problems like vision-based senso-rimotor control. Controllers of this type can(More)
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