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Transportation of Cryptosporidium oocysts in river type source water is of great concern in an area where extensive human activities exist. In this study, a total of 47 samples were collected from Tongxiang, China, where drinking source water was taken from a complicated river network system, by three sampling campaigns over a rainy season in 2009, to(More)
Natural organic matter (NOM) can affect the performance of water treatment processes, and serves as a main precursor for the formation of disinfection byproduct (DBPs) during chlorination. To minimize such undesirable effects, a better understanding of its structural information and reactivity toward chlorine is necessary. In this study, electrospray(More)
With the rapid growth of the Internet, e-commerce has been growing and expanding significantly, according to Fortune, almost all of the global top 500 companies have started online marketing; e-commerce is presently far from the mainstream of modern trade behaviors. The influencing factors in e-commerce transaction behaviors are explored in this paper. This(More)
This paper studies dynamic risk evaluation for enterprise embedding in cluster. A multi-stages and multi-layers risk comprehensive estimation model is established according to evaluation principle of fuzzy mathematics, and the stage's risk affecting on total process can be calculated based on the model after the multi-stages and multi-layers risk is(More)
This study attempted to reveal the effect of solar radiation fluctuation on the dynamics of phytoplankton communities expressed as cell morphology in eutrophic water bodies where the impacts of nutrients could be considered as small. Two morphological descriptors were proposed, cellular projected area ( $$\varphi_{\rm p}$$ φ p ) and flattening index (f),(More)
Government procurement is becoming a kind of important economic activity now, government procurement includes the procurement activities such as procurement mode and procurement process, it is a complex system engineering which includes commerce activity and administration activity. With the increase of government procurement operation, the management of(More)
Dissolved natural organic matter (DOM), particularly the low molecular weight DOM, can affect the performance of water treatment processes and serve as a main precursor of disinfection by-products (DBPs) during chlorination. In this study, electrospray ionization coupled to Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry (ESI FT-ICR MS) was used(More)
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