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Forest canopy height is an important biophysical variable for quantifying carbon storage in terrestrial ecosystems. Active light detection and ranging (lidar) sensors with discrete-return or waveform lidar have produced reliable measures of forest canopy height. However, rigorous procedures are required for an accurate estimation, especially when using(More)
Twitter is an online social networking, which has become an important source of information for marketing strategies and online reputation management. In this paper, we probe the problem of organization name disambiguation on twitter messages. This task is challenging due to the fact of lacking sufficient information both from organization and the tweets.(More)
With the rapid development of Internet and E-commerce, the quantity of product reviews on the web grows very fast, but the review quality is inconsistent. This paper addresses the problem of automatically ranking reviews. A specification for judging the reviews quality is first defined and thus ranking review is formalized as ordinal regression problem. In(More)
There is an increasing interest in the field of parallel and distributed data mining in grid environment over the past decade. As an important branch of spatial data mining, spatial outlier mining can be used to find out some interesting and unexpected spatial patterns in many applications. In this paper, a new parallel & distributed spatial outlier mining(More)
—Using airborne full-waveform LiDAR metrics derived by 3-D tree segmentation, this study estimated single tree's diameter at breast height (DBH) and stem volume (STV). Four regression models were used, including multilinear regression and three up-to-date regression models (i.e., least square boosting trees regression, random forest, and ε-support vector(More)
Motivated by the lack of a geographical problem solving environment that is adequate to provide end users with reliable, open, distributed, and long lasting spatial data analyzing and knowledge discovery services, a novel geographical knowledge service platform — GeoKSGrid with functions of spatial decision support and distributed & parallel data(More)
  • Jianwei Wu
  • 2008
For the data which are mixed with an orthogonal system in the independent component analysis, that is the mixing matrix of the observation data is an orthogonal matrix, there is no an algorithm in this case at present except ones to the data with a general nonsingular mixing matrix. This paper presents an algorithm for this kind of the low order correlation(More)