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Immediate impacts of the second impoundment on fish communities in the Three Gorges Reservoir
Long and short term investigations have revealed dramatic changes in fish communities after impoundments by reservoirs. However, the process of these changes during impoundment remains poorly
Short‐term toxicity of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate to early life stages of the rare minnow (Gobiocypris rarus)
It is demonstrated that nitrogenous pollutants pose a threat to wild populations of rare minnows and provide useful information for establishing water quality criteria for this laboratory fish.
Structure of Macroinvertebrate Communities in Relation to Environmental Variables in a Subtropical Asian River System
Subtropical Asian rivers support a highly diverse array of benthic macroinvertebrates. Yet, their biodiversity and functionality has been poorly investigated. We choose the Chishui River system, one
Extinction risk and conservation priority analyses for 64 endemic fishes in the Upper Yangtze River, China
It is a global concern to assess extinction risk and set conservation priority for threatened species. In the present study, we assessed extinction risks and conservation priorities for 64 endemic
Structure of endemic fish assemblages in the upper Yangtze River Basin
This study focused on characterizing the endemic fish assemblages in the upper Yangtze River Basin and identifying the relative influences of catchment land‐cover variables on observed fish patterns
Reproduction diversity of Enteromorpha prolifera.
It was indicated that the variety of the reproductive ways and the large quantity of reproductive cells produced and released during the reproductive season are the two key factors that facilitate colonization of E. prolifera.