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Drug-induced gene expression dataset (for example Connectivity Map, CMap) represent a valuable resource for drug-repurposing, a class of methods for identifying novel indications for approved drugs. Recently, CMap-based methods have successfully applied to identifying drugs for a number of diseases. However, currently few gene expression based methods are(More)
Advances in quantum computation threaten to break public key cryptosystems such as RSA, ECC, and ElGamal that are based on the difficulty of factorization or taking a discrete logarithm, although up to now, no quantum algorithms have been found that are able to solve certain mathematical problems on noncommutative algebraic structures. Against this(More)
Since the Shor algorithm showed that a quantum algorithm can efficiently calculate discrete logarithms and factorize integers, it has been used to break the RSA, EIGamal, and ECC classical public key cryptosystems. This is therefore a significant issue in the context of ensuring communication security over insecure channels. In this paper, we prove that(More)
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