Jianwei Gao

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Mixed pixels are common in hyperspectral remote sensing images. Endmember extraction is a key step in spectral unmixing. The linear spectral mixture model (LSMM) constitutes a geometric approach that is commonly used for this purpose. This paper introduces the use of artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithms for spectral unmixing. First, the objective function(More)
We present Swarm-NG, a C++ library for the efficient direct integration of many n-body systems using a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), such as NVIDIA's Tesla T10 and M2070 GPUs. While previous studies have demonstrated the benefit of GPUs for n-body simulations with thousands to millions of bodies, Swarm-NG focuses on many few-body systems, e.g., thousands(More)
Graduation of data is of great importance in survival analysis. Smoothness and goodness of fit are two fundamental requirements in graduation. Based on the instinctive defining expression for entropy in terms of a probability distribution, two optimization models based on the Maximum Entropy Principle (MaxEnt) and Minimum Cross Entropy Principle (MinCEnt)(More)