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Spatial estimations are increasingly used to estimate geocoded ambient particulate matter (PM) concentrations in epidemiologic studies because measures of daily PM concentrations are unavailable in most U.S. locations. This study was conducted to a) assess the feasibility of large-scale kriging estimations of daily residential-level ambient PM(More)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have the potential to provide critical support during crisis situations. Unfortunately, most GIS require expert knowledge to operate and do not support collaboration between decision makers. A human-centered systems approach was used to develop the prototype of a multimodal, dialog-assisted visual environment for(More)
A catalyst-free allylic alkylation of stabilized phosphorus ylides with allylic carbonates via a regioselective SN2' process is presented. Subsequent one-pot Wittig reaction with both aliphatic and aromatic aldehydes as well as ketenes provides structurally diverse skipped dienes (1,4-dienes) in generally high yields and moderate to excellent(More)
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