Jianting Ning

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As a sophisticated mechanism for secure fine-grained access control, ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption (CP-ABE) is a highly promising solution for commercial applications such as cloud computing. However, there still exists one major issue awaiting to be solved, that is, the prevention of key abuse. Most of the existing CP-ABE systems missed this(More)
Ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption (CP-ABE) enables fine-grained access control to the encrypted data for commercial applications. There has been significant progress in CP-ABE over the recent years because of two properties called traceability and large universe, greatly enriching the commercial applications of CP-ABE. Traceability is the ability(More)
As a generalization of double base chains, multi-base number system were very suitable for efficient computation of scalar multiplications of elliptic curves because of shorter representation length and less Hamming weight. Thus it is needed to search efficient multi-base chains. We considered settings with different computing cost of point operations and(More)
本文提出了一种新的“cancellation technique”,并将该新技术用于构造黑盒可追踪和可撤销的密文策略属性基加密方案的构造中,在不牺牲其他参数(公开参数长度、密钥长度等)的情况下,本文构造出一个(与当前最好结果相比)更短密文、更小计算代价的黑盒可追踪与可撤销密文策略属性基加密方案。值得一提的是,这种新的“cancellation technique”不仅仅在构造更短密文更高效的黑盒可追踪与可撤销密文策略属性基加密方案中起作用,同时也对其他加密或签名方案更短密文或者是更高效的构造提供了参考价值。
Security key management is the most basic requirement for wireless sensor networks security. In this paper, we propose a dynamic key management scheme for large-scale clustering wireless sensor networks based on improved EBS. We use two one-way hash chains for nodes registration and verification, take half-symmetric t-degree trivariate polynomial keys to(More)
In this paper, we divide large-scale resource-constrained WSN nodes into several domains, split cryptographic operations into heavy operations and the fast lightweight operations, and present an efficient multi-PKG online/offline identity-based encryption scheme for multi-domain WSN. Most heavy computations such as pairing or exponentiation are done in the(More)
A self-healing mechanism in key management is an important means for large-scale clustering wireless sensor networks that enable nonrevoked nodes use their private information and the received broadcast messages to recover the lost session keys on their own. In this paper, we propose a dynamic self-healing key management scheme for large-scale clustering(More)
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