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The recent renaissance of black phosphorus (BP) as a two-dimensional (2D) layered material has generated tremendous interest, but its unique structural characters underlying many of its outstanding properties still need elucidation. Here we report Raman measurements that reveal an ultralow-frequency collective compression mode (CCM) in BP, which is(More)
Smart home has recently attracted much research interest owing to its potential in improving the quality of human life. How to obtain user's demand is the most important and challenging task for appliance optimal scheduling in smart home, since it is highly related to user's unpredictable behavior. In this paper, a human-centered smart home system is(More)
Residential appliance scheduling is considered as a promising energy saving technique with significant commercial potential, by introducing ubiquitous computing techniques into home energy management to monitor, control and optimize the operation of appliances. The shortages of user preference and appliance characteristic are two big challenges for the(More)
Dirac materials exhibit intriguing low-energy carrier dynamics that offer a fertile ground for novel physics discovery. Of particular interest is the interplay of Dirac carriers with other quantum phenomena such as magnetism. Here we report on a two-magnon Raman scattering study of AMnBi2 (A=Ca, Sr), a prototypical magnetic Dirac system comprising(More)
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