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BACKGROUND The citrus red mite is a worldwide citrus pest and a common sensitizing allergen of asthma and rhinitis. It has developed strong resistance to many registered acaricides, However, the molecular mechanisms of resistance remain unknown. we therefore used next generation sequencing technology to investigate the global transcriptomes between(More)
Background. The database of genotypic drug resistance mutations in HIV-1 subtype B circulating in developed industrial countries has been well established; however, little is known regarding the prevalence of genotypic resistance patterns in patients harboring non-subtype-B HIV-1 variants in most Asian countries. Objective. To characterize the polymorphisms(More)
The Chinese citrus fruit fly, Bactrocera minax is one of the most economically important and aggressive pests threatening the Chinese citrus industry. In order to provide some recommendations for the improvement of integrated pest management of this species, the authors evaluated the toxicity of 6 insecticides on the second stage larvae, fourth stage(More)
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