Jiansong Gan

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A general fast numerical algorithm for chirp transforms is developed by using two fast Fourier transforms and employing an analytical kernel. This new algorithm unifies the calculations of arbitrary real-order fractional Fourier transforms and Fresnel diffraction. Its computational complexity is better than a fast convolution method using Fourier(More)
— Relaying is a feature defined in LTE Release 10 to provide coverage in new areas and/or to improve cell-edge throughput. For the purpose of investigating relay's performance in a real network, an LTE TDD in-band relay prototype was developed. Based on this prototype some field measurements were conducted using LTE Release-8 terminals. Both indoor(More)
Recommended by Petar Djuric We investigate the uplink of a power-controlled multiuser distributed antenna system (DAS) with antennas deployed on a circle. Applying results from random matrix theory, we prove that for such a DAS, the per-user sum rate and the total transmit power both converge as user number and antenna number go to infinity with a constant(More)