Jiansong Gan

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We investigate the uplink of a power-controlled multi-user distributed antenna system (DAS) with antennas deployed on a circle. Applying results from random matrix theory, we prove that for such a DAS, the per-user sum rate and the total transmit power both converge as user number and antenna number go to infinity with a constant ratio. The relationship(More)
Relaying is a feature defined in LTE Release 10 to provide coverage in new areas and/or to improve cell-edge throughput. For the purpose of investigating relay’s performance in a real network, an LTE TDD in-band relay prototype was developed. Based on this prototype some field measurements were conducted using LTE Release-8 terminals. Both indoor scenarios(More)
Distributed wireless communication system (DWCS) has been considered as a promising architecture for future wireless access networks. In this paper, we develop an adaptive transmit-receive mode selection scheme for a multi-user system with this architecture. In the proposed scheme, large-scale fading information between users and antennas is employed to(More)
In this paper, multi-user distributed antenna systems (DAS) with antennas deployed in clusters are studied. In order to investigate the impact of the size of antenna cluster on the system performance, the mean square access distance (MSAD), which is a function of the size of antenna cluster, is defined as a metric of the system performance. From the(More)