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  • Susan Ervin-Tripp, Jiansheng Guo, Martin Lampert, S Ervin-Tripp
  • 2002
It is theoretically possible to separate the study of politeness into the analysis of social indices, social tactics, and persuasion. The finely graded polite forms even in non face-threatening contexts in Asian languages and the form distinctions in children's role and doll play testify to the conceptual separability of politeness as a social index from(More)
—By analyzing and researching several digital chaotic image encryption algorithms, this paper designs a symmetric image encryption scheme based on the three-dimensional Henon chaotic map and the general Cat chaotic map. In this scheme, the chaotic sequence of general Cat map is used as the initialization sequence to confuse the positions of image pixels;(More)
This paper analyzes a new image encryption scheme proposed in "A new encryption based on Henon mapping" and proves that this encryption algorithm is insecure in the image-known attack. By analyzing the properties of the round function, there are two weaknesses: on the one hand, the confusing process will not completely destroy the correlation of image(More)
With the development of 3D video technology, many studies have paid attention to compression efficiency and rate distortion performance. When 3D videos are transmitted over error-prone channels, they may suffer significant quality degradation. In this paper, we combine multiview video coding (MVC) with multiple description coding (MDC) for robust(More)
In this paper, for the unbalanced Feistel network which employs diffusion matrices in a switching way, we study the fixed number of its differential active S-boxes. Firstly we obtain some lower bounds of the differential active S-boxes for m, 2m and 3m rounds of Feistel structure, respectively. By concatenating these rounds, a fixed number of differential(More)
A new way to cryptanalysis the AC block cipher is presented in this document. The AC block cipher is based upon the bit-slice technology. By using the bit-pattern integral attack, a 2-round integral distinguisher can be get; then using this distinguisher can attack on 3-round of AC block cipher. It is shown that the full subkey of 3-round AC can be(More)