Jiansheng Guo

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Drought can activate several stress responses in plants, such as stomatal closure, accumulation of cuticular wax and ascorbic acid (AsA), which have been correlated with improvement of drought tolerance. In this study, a novel MYB gene, designed as EsWAX1, was isolated and characterized from Eutrema salsugineum. EsWAX1 contained a full-length open reading(More)
It is theoretically possible to separate the study of politeness into the analysis of social indices, social tactics, and persuasion. The finely graded polite forms even in non face-threatening contexts in Asian languages and the form distinctions in children's role and doll play testify to the conceptual separability of politeness as a social index from(More)
Pogostemon cablin possesses two morphologically and ontogenetically different types of glandular trichomes, one type of bristle hair on the surfaces of leaves and stems and one type of internal gland inside the leaves and stems. The internal gland originates from elementary meristem and is associated with the biosynthesis of oils present inside the leaves(More)
Despite the high abundance of iron (Fe) in most earth's soils, Fe is the major limiting factor for plant growth and development due to its low bioavailability. With an increasing recognition that soil microbes play important roles in plant growth, several strains of beneficial rhizobactria have been applied to improve plant nutrient absorption, biomass, and(More)
Several AP2/ERF transcription factors are wound-induced regulators, which play key roles in controlling cell dedifferentiation. In this study, a novel AP2/ERF transcription factor, the WIND1-like gene (ThWIND1-L), was isolated and characterized from Thellungiella halophila. ThWIND1-L cDNA clone contained a full open reading frame (ORF) of 1,068 bp encoding(More)
During asexual plant reproduction, cells from different organs can be reprogrammed to produce new individuals, a process that requires the coordination of cell cycle reactivation with the acquisition of other cellular morphological characteristics. However, the factors that influence the variety of asexual reproduction have not yet been determined. Here, we(More)
By analyzing and researching several digital chaotic image encryption algorithms, this paper designs a symmetric image encryption scheme based on the threedimensional Henon chaotic map and the general Cat chaotic map. In this scheme, the chaotic sequence of general Cat map is used as the initialization sequence to confuse the positions of image pixels; the(More)
This paper analyzes a new image encryption scheme proposed in "A new encryption based on Henon mapping" and proves that this encryption algorithm is insecure in the image-known attack. By analyzing the properties of the round function, there are two weaknesses: on the one hand, the confusing process will not completely destroy the correlation of image(More)
Power quality online monitoring has become the fashion of Power Quality Management System (PQMS) in China. Combining Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with Virtual Device (VD), PQMS in the paper can dynamically adjust Monitoring Terminal (MT) in position and number respects. In order to enhance the data transmission efficiency on the resource limited MT,(More)