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In 1.1 , the given real sequences {pn}, {qn} satisfy pn T pn > 0, qn T qn for any n ∈ Z, f : Z×R → R is continuous in the second variable, and f n T, z f n, z for a given positive integer T and for all n, z ∈ Z×R. −1 δ −1, δ > 0, and δ is the ratio of odd positive integers. By a solution of 1.1 , we mean a real sequence x {xn}, n ∈ Z, satisfying 1.1 . In 1,(More)
Gene expression is the central process in cells, and is stochastic in nature. In this work, we study the mean expression level of, and the expression noise in, a population of isogenic cells, assuming that transcription is activated by two sequential exponential processes of rates κ and λ. We find that the mean expression level often displays oscillatory(More)
Recommended by Jianshe Yu It is supposed that the fractional difference equation xn 1 μ ∑k j 0ajxn−j / λ ∑k j 0bjxn−j , n 0, 1, . . . , has an equilibrium point x̂ and is exposed to additive stochastic perturbations type of σ xn − x̂ ξn 1 that are directly proportional to the deviation of the system state xn from the equilibrium point x̂. It is shown that(More)
This paper deals with the problem of delay-dependent stability criterion of arbitrary switched linear systems with time-varying delay. Based on switched quadratic Lyapunov functional approach and free-weighting matrix approach, some linear matrix inequality criterions are found to guarantee delay-dependent asymptotically stability of these systems.(More)
Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral disease with 100 million people infected annually. A novel strategy for dengue control uses the bacterium Wolbachia to invade dengue vector Aedes mosquitoes. As the impact of environmental heterogeneity on Wolbachia spread dynamics in natural areas has been rarely quantified, we develop a model of differential(More)