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A new feature extraction method for gear fault diagnosis and prognosis. eksploatacja i niezawodnosc – Maintenance and reliability 2014; 16 (2): 295–300. Robust features are very critical to track the degradation process of a gear. They are key factors for implementing fault diagnosis and prognosis. This has driven the need in research for extracting good(More)
Tracking degradation of mechanical components is very critical for effective maintenance decision making. Remaining useful life (RUL) estimation is a widely used form of degradation prediction. RUL prediction methods when enough run-to-failure condition monitoring data can be used have been fully researched, but for some high reliability components, it is(More)
In order to solve the failure prognostics problem of electronic system, a method of fast relevance vector machine (FRVM) based on improved fruit fly optimization algorithm (FOA) is proposed. Grey data generation operation is introduced to process the original data and the output data for enhancing the regularity and reducing the randomness. Furthermore, the(More)
A novel version of multi-class classification method based on fruit fly optimization algorithm (FOA) and relevance vector machine (RVM) is proposed. The one-against-one-against-rest (OAOAR) classification model based on the traditional one-against-one (OAO) and one-against-rest (OAR) algorithm is aimed at combining the advantages of them and translates the(More)
With the widespread application of wind turbines, the Maintenance issue gets growing concern. Bearings play a critical role in industrial applications. It is necessary to effectively monitor their health status. The shock pulse method (SPM) can detect the incipient fault of bearings and prevent the fault consequence effectively. However, many researchers(More)
It is difficult to estimate the parameters of Weibull mixtures precisely when using these distributions to analyze the reliability of equipment parts. As to this problem, an optimization model of the Weibull mixtures based on the Bayes theorem is proposed, and the cuckoo search is used to solve the optimization model. An case makes the diesel injector as(More)
This paper presents a bearing run-to-failure data simulation model for condition based maintenance, in which a single point outrace fault can be implemented. According to the characteristic that bearings life follows the Weibull distribution, amount of bearing run-to-failure datasets can be simulated which can be used to verify the feature extraction,(More)