Jiansan Chen

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The computing environments of most organizations currently consist of distributed, heterogeneous, and autonomous hardware and software systems. Previously, these systems ran in isolation, supporting their individual applications. However, decreasing network costs made the connection of these distributed systems feasible, and it soon became evident that more(More)
Existing and well entrenched hardware and software systems are the product of lengthy and individual developmental histories. The introduction of harmonious cooperation among such systems carries the potential for great increasea in productivity and improvement in applications processing. However. the utilization of these heterogeneous components is(More)
The InterBase system, which integrates preexisting systems over a distributed, autonomous, and heterogeneous environment using a tool-based interface, is described. It supports heterogeneous applications without violating the local autonomy of component systems. The InterBase system locates and starts remote services, transfers and transforms data among(More)
For many applications, a distributed system is an attractive alternative to a single system because it supports global applications accessing multiple systems, and thus enhances performance. The rapid growth of advanced applications involving distributed transaction processing has resulted in the development of various distributed models and languages.(More)
Like many companies with distributed applications, the computing environment at Bell Northern Research (BNR) Inc. is a collection of heterogeneous software packages and hardware platforms. The BNR network include-s IBM mainframes and workstations scattered across the U. S., Canada, Great Britain, and Japan. As computing resources have been distributed to(More)
This paper discusses the implementation of decentralized global transaction management in the multidatabase system environment without violation of local autonomy. The principal concern of this investigation has been to develop a method of global transaction management that is particularly suited to decentralized multidatabase systems. Global concurrency(More)