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Penicillium thomii PT95 strain is able to form abundant orange, sand-shaped sclerotia in which carotenoids accumulate. We have studied the effects of copper (Cu)-induced oxidative stress on sclerotial differentiation, biosynthesis of some endogenous antioxidants, and activities of a number of the antioxidative enzymes of strain PT95. The association between(More)
Human enterovirus 74 (HEV74) is a recently described serotype within the species Human enterovirus B (HEV-B). Few nucleotide sequences of HEV74 are available, and only one complete genome sequence (the prototype strain) has been published. In this study, we report the complete genome sequence of an HEV74 strain isolated from a healthy child during a stool(More)
Most of polypeptides containing α,β-dehydroamino acids have important biological activity, so exploration of synthetic method has practical significance. In this paper, dipeptides were prepared from l-threonine by protecting of c-terminal allyl acetate, and condensing reaction with a series of N-Boc amino acid. Then, treatment of dipeptides obtained with(More)
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