Jianren Fan

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Towards getting the full-scale solutions to particle-laden flows, a multidirect forcing technique and immersed boundary method are proposed in the present work. The immersed solid boundary is represented by Lagrangian points and the no-slip condition is efficiently satisfied by exerting multidirect forcing. The hydrodynamic interactions between the(More)
We investigate the relationship between dispersion of inertial particles and the pressure field in free shear flows. A three-dimensional temporally developing particle-laden mixing layer and a three-dimensional spatially developing particle-laden plane jet are studied by means of direct numerical simulation. The incompressible Navier-Stokes equations are(More)
Large-scale vortex structures and their effects on the dispersion of particles in turbulent free shear flows are very important in many industrial applications, such as combustion, pollution control, and materials processing. In order to understand large-scale vortex structures and particle dispersion in depth, as well as their interaction effects, a(More)