Jianquan Ouyang

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—This paper proposes a novel multicast reliability algorithm in distributed virtual environment. Firstly, architecture of the distributed virtual environment system is made up of three layers, which are 1) Layer 1 is made up of distributed virtual environment server, which can transmit information from internet to clients, 2) Layer 2 is constructed by(More)
This paper presents a novel framework for Visual Exploratory Search of Relationship Graphs on Smartphones (VESRGS) that is composed of three major components: inference and representation of semantic relationship graphs on the Web via meta-search, visual exploratory search of relationship graphs through both querying and browsing strategies, and(More)
—Network intrusion detection is of great importance in the research field of information security in computer networks. In this paper, we concentrate on how to automatically detect the network intrusion behavior utilizing fuzzy support vector machine. After analyzing the related works of the proposed paper, we introduce the main characterics of fuzzy(More)
Because of the complexity of the object under test, the synthesis Virtual Instrument gains more and more attention, but the driver technique concerning this kind of VI has not been deeply studied. This paper introduces the driver interface layer based on command queue and data queue which are based on queue technique. The driver interface layer abstracts(More)
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