Jianqiu Zeng

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Driven by both technology and market, telecom industry is becoming a part of several converged industries in information society gradually from an independent industry which provides telecom products like voice or data. Under such background, this paper introduces a new value chain model of telecom value-added services in the new environment, providing(More)
This paper highlights the discrepancies in the current structure of the policy & regulatory framework of spectrum management. Some driving forces for the spectral reforms have also been discussed here. Innovative techniques for spectrum management and also to increase the spectral efficiency have also been proposed for the harmonization and(More)
In this paper, packet error rate (PER) of Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4) under the interference of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is analyzed by establishing a mathematical model of the mutual interference. This proposed model takes PHY (such as the channel model, the transmitted power, the spreading and the modulation) and MAC (such as CSMA/CA, the traffic(More)
This paper puts forward the model of cooperation between mobile operators and the SP (service provider) enterprises. Through the detailed comparison between the "stimulate - reaction" regulation strategies and its sequent effect of implementation, it points out the disadvantages of the current regulation policies. In conclusion, on the basis of empirical(More)
The performance of Bluetooth under the interference of RFID is investigated. A mathematical model is proposed to quantify the performance degradation of Bluetooth. The proposed model carefully takes PHY (i.e., the channel model, the transmitted power, the distance and the modulation) and MAC (i.e., the frequency hopping, the packet format and the traffic(More)
NGN is an increasingly becoming the market reality of the Information and communication sector and hence has put forward many challenges to the National Regulatory Authorities of the whole world. In this period of migration from the legacy networks to the NGN, every regulator has adopted an approach different from other depending upon the regulatory(More)
Location Based Service (LBS) 'as a kind of emerging applications based on the mobile Internet technology, is one of the most potential mobile value-added services. With the mobile network positioning technology and electronic map platform, it provides position information of the traffic, tourist attractions, shopping center etc. to users. This paper studies(More)
Due to rapidly changing environment based on triple play, the conovation of competitiveness in telecommunication industry has also changed. The operators should adjust their strategic direction timely according to changes in competitive environment. So how to promote the competitiveness under triple play has become a hot issue in telecommunication industry.(More)
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