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Cervical squamous carcinoma is a highly invasive tumour that has a great capacity to metastasise. Extracellular matrix metalloproteinase inducer (EMMPRIN or CD147), a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily, is a widely distributed cell surface glycoprotein. It is highly expressed on malignant tumour cell surfaces, including human cervical squamous(More)
Ammonia stress on plants has been investigated at discrete ammonia concentrations in constructed wetlands. This study introduced a Gaussian model to simulate the kinetics of ammonia stress and investigated reversible and irreversible ammonia stress on Cyperus alternifolius in wetland-like microcosms. Ammonia stress on plant weight increase and oxygen(More)
Stomatal number and stomatal conductance are important structural and functional parameters for the assessment of carbon assimilation and water use under elevated CO2. We studied stomatal density, number of stomatal rows and stomatal conductance of Pinus sylvestriformis and P. koraiensis needles exposed to elevated CO2 (500 μmol mol−1 CO2) in open-top(More)
In order to investigate the performance of Iris wilsonii in high-salinity wastewater, seven microcosm submerged beds were built with rectangular plastic tanks and packed with marble chips and sand. Each submerged bed was transplanted with six stems of I. wilsonii. The submerged beds were operated in a 7-d batch mode in a greenhouse with artificial(More)
When constructed wetlands are used to treat high-Pb wastewater, Pb may become a stress to wetland plants, which subsequently reduces treatment performance and the other ecosystem services. To facilitate the design and operation of constructed wetlands for treatment of Pb-rich wastewater, we investigated the irreversible inhibitory level of Pb for Typha(More)
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