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As an emerging technology and business paradigm, Cloud Computing has taken commercial computing by storm. Cloud computing platforms provide easy access to a company’s high-performance computing and storage infrastructure through web services. With cloud computing, the aim is to hide the complexity of IT infrastructure management from its users. At(More)
Software as a Service (SaaS) is a newly emerging business model in the software industry. The growing speed of SaaS is fast. The article gives a quick survey on SaaS. It covers key technologies in SaaS, difference between ASP and SaaS, SaaS application architecture and SaaS Maturity Model. To small businesses, SaaS offers more advantages.
As interest in the cloud increases, there has been a lot of talk about the maturity and trustworthiness of cloud storage technologies. Is it still hype or is it real? Many endusers and IT managers are getting very excited about the potential benefits of cloud storage, such as being able to store and manipulate data in the cloud and capitalizing on the(More)
Nowadays, the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems in industry and stores has increased. Nevertheless, some of these systems present problems that may discourage potential users. Hence, high confidence and efficient privacy protocols are urgently needed. Previous studies to achieve privacy authentication can be grouped into tree-based and(More)
In IP Multimedia Subsystem(IMS) of UMTS, IMS information is delivered through the general packet radio service(GPRS) transport network, before a user equipment (UE) can access the IMS service, it must performance both packet-switch domain and IMS authentication. It is inefficient that almost all involved steps in IMS authentication are duplicated. Hence,(More)
In this paper, we identify a vulnerability of IEEE 802.11 wireless Mesh LANs in which a compromised mesh point can still receive data from other mesh points. Then we propose a new protocol that can counter this attack by considering the effective period of both the mesh points (MPs) when decide the lifetime of the key shared between them. We also amend(More)
With the widespread use of mobile devices, authentication and privacy of identification become important issues. We analyzed the security flaws and shortcomings of a delegation-based authentication protocol which was proposed by Caimu Tang, et al., and provided an improved protocol. We use elliptic-curve cryptography and hash chain to ensure the safety of(More)
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