Jianqiao Tang

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The heavy rail surface defect detection is one of the most important steps in the production and test of heavy rail, which directly affect the overall quality of heavy rail production. According to the characteristics of heavy rail surface defects, uneven brightness and noise, the heavy rail surface defects are detected based on the mathematical morphology(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the preventative effects of massage on gastric volvulus (GV) in infants with gastroesophageal reflux (GER)-induced pneumonia. METHODS One-hundred and eighty GV with GER-induced pneumonia inpatients were divided randomly into four groups: basic treatment 1 (n = 60), basic treatment 2 (n = 30), massage treatment 1 (n = 60) and massage(More)
The information of the Molten Iron Ladles (MIL) plays an important role in the reasonable scheduling for Overhead Traveling Crane (OTC) of steelmaking plant. Currently, to locate the MIL by manual recognition is low efficiency and large workload. For this, a method of the MIL location based on number recognition is proposed in this paper. First, the(More)
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