Jianqiang Jia

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Developing an open mobile robot has been a hot topic in the AI area. In an open system, a particular component can be easily added and/or replaced. In this paper, a modular and object oriented approach is used to construct an autonomous mobile robot system. IPC (interprocess communication), which is the key mechanism in the Linux/Unix operating system, is(More)
In this paper, the problem concerning how to coordinate concurrent behaviors, when controlling autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), is investigated. We adopt a FSM (finite state machine)-based behavior selection method to solve this problem. It is shown how a hybrid system for an AMR can be modeled as an automaton, where each node corresponds to a distinct(More)
In order to facilitate the multi-robot coordination and cooperation in dynamic or unconstructive environments, this paper designs and implements an autonomous mobile robot Frontier-I, which is applicable to a variety of multi-robot tasks. System architecture, hardware configuration as well as planning and control approaches are introduced in detail. Two(More)
Virtual human can simulate many kinds of real human actions in virtual combat environment. An important characteristic of a virtual human is the ability to direct its perceptual attention to objects and locations in a virtual environment in a manner that looks believable and serves a functional purpose. We have developed a computational model of perceptual(More)
The quality of aluminum alloy welds is determined by the weld formation and penetration. Usually, the quality of traditional TIG welding almost depends on the skilled welder¿s experience rather than theoretical and analytical techniques. At the same time, an industry robot welding system with insufficient feedback control always leads to poor welding(More)
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