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A new algorithm is presented which deals with the problem of detecting small moving targets in infrared image sequences that also contain drifting and evolving clutter. Through development of models of the temporal behavior of the static background, target and cloud edge on a single pixel basis, the new algorithm employing the connecting line of the(More)
The Mel frequency cepstral coefficient (MFCC) model, which is widely used in speech detection and recognition, is introduced to extract features from hyperspectral image data. The similarities and differences between speech signals and spectral image data are compared and analyzed. The standard MFCC model is then improved to suit the characteristics of(More)
In recent years, three-dimensional digital watermarking has become a new hotspot in optical information security. This paper presents a new three-dimensional digital watermarking method based on integrated imaging. Firstly, three-dimensional digital watermarking is generated by computational integral imaging system that is implemented with smart(More)
A method to quantify clutter in color images is presented. This method is based on a grayscale clutter metric, target structure similarity (TSSIM) metric, which showed the best correlation with human perception than the other available metrics. The proposed new metric is designed to measure the background clutter in the perceptually decorrelated(More)
The descriptive capability of color images for a scene is better than that of grayscale images. Traditional registration methods to register color images convert them to grayscale ones, in which the registration precision is decreased due to the loss of color information. By extending some properties of the discrete Fourier transform to the quaternion(More)
In this paper, a similarity vector, which can be used to estimate the level of the background clutter, between the target image and the background image is obtained by taking advantage of the theories of the compressed sensing. And the similarity vector, in the future, can be applied to develop a clutter metric based on target features, so that we can(More)
Paper documents are shredded into pieces by a shredder in what is currently a common means of ensuring text information security. Because such pieces have certain characteristics, such as being of large number and low discrimination, shredded document reconstruction by a reverse operation represents a challenge. However, recovering shredded documents is an(More)
In support of multiband imaging system performance forecasting, an equation-based triangle orientation discrimination (TOD) model is developed. Specifically, with the characteristic of the test pattern related to spectrum, the mathematical equations for predicting the TOD threshold of the system with distributed fusion architecture in the IR spectrum band(More)
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