Jianqi Li

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High-throughput screens have begun to reveal protein interaction networks in several organisms. To understand the general properties of these protein interaction networks, a systematic analysis of topological structure and robustness was performed on the protein interaction networks of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Caenorhabditis elegans and Drosophila(More)
The self has long been regarded as a unique cognitive structure by virtue of its superior mnemonic abilities. Two separate effects result from this self memory facilitation: self-reference effect and self-descriptiveness effect in memory. Self-reference effect denotes that information processed with reference to the self is better remembered than(More)
Human empathy is not merely a resonance with others' physical condition, but is modulated by social factors. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, the present study demonstrated an increased brain empathic response to others in pain when they received no rather than a large reward, with increments of the ACC, aMCC, insula and postcentral gyrus in the(More)
Evaluative-feedback, occurring in our daily life, generally contains subjective appraisal of one's specific abilities and personality characteristics besides objective right-or-wrong information. Traditional psychological researches have proved it to be important in building up one's self-concept; however, the neural basis underlying its cognitive(More)
BACKGROUND Analysis of complex samples with tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) has become routine in proteomic research. However, validation of database search results creates a bottleneck in MS/MS data processing. Recently, methods based on a randomized database have become popular for quality control of database search results. However, a consequent problem(More)
Unfairness plays an important role in economic decision making. This fMRI study sought to investigate how the loss and the gain contexts could modulate behavioral and brain responses to unfairness by focusing on participants' rejection behaviors during an Ultimatum Game paradigm. Participants were scanned while they were playing the Ultimatum Game as(More)
This study demonstrates the dependence of non-local susceptibility effects on object orientation in gradient echo MRI and the reduction of non-local effects by deconvolution using quantitative susceptibility mapping. Imaging experiments were performed on a 3T MRI system using a spoiled 3D multi-echo GRE sequence on phantoms of known susceptibilities, and on(More)
BACKGROUND Reduced gray matter volume in left superior temporal gyrus (STG) is considered to be associated with auditory P300 amplitude in schizophrenia. Little is known about possible pathological circuits regarding sub-regions of STG that contribute to auditory P300 abnormality in schizophrenia. The current study investigated gray matter volume in STG and(More)
Past researches showed that empathy for pain not only triggers a resonance mechanism between other and self, but also is modulated by contextual factors. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, the present study demonstrated that short-term media violence exposure reduced both pain ratings and also the activation of anterior insula and anterior(More)