Jianqi Li

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Unfairness plays an important role in economic decision making. This fMRI study sought to investigate how the loss and the gain contexts could modulate behavioral and brain responses to unfairness by focusing on participants' rejection behaviors during an Ultimatum Game paradigm. Participants were scanned while they were playing the Ultimatum Game as(More)
—Due to the wide coverage area of vineyards, the humid climate and the complex terrain in southern China, we present a viticulture monitoring system based on the non-uniform stratified WSN network and Wi-Fi technology. Firstly, we propose the improved virtual grid system, construct the non-uniform virtual grid by using the dynamic side length and construct(More)
Androgenesis is an efficient method of producing doubled haploids (DHs) in plant breeding programs. DH plants derived from the F1 (broccoli × white-headed cabbage) are valuable for accelerating the transfer of excellent genes and increasing biodiversity of species via isolated microspore culture (IMC). Therefore, this study investigated the developmental(More)