Jianping Zhang

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We report the identification of betaIV spectrin, a novel spectrin isolated as an interactor of the receptor tyrosine phosphatase-like protein ICA512. The betaIV spectrin gene is located on human and mouse chromosomes 19q13.13 and 7b2, respectively. Alternative splicing of betaIV spectrin generates at least four distinct isoforms, numbered(More)
Caring for a family member with dementia is generally regarded as a chronically stressful process, with potentially negative physical health consequences. However, no quantitative analysis has been conducted on this literature. The authors combined the results of 23 studies to compare the physical health of caregivers with demographically similar(More)
The origin of millet from Neolithic China has generally been accepted, but it remains unknown whether common millet (Panicum miliaceum) or foxtail millet (Setaria italica) was the first species domesticated. Nor do we know the timing of their domestication and their routes of dispersal. Here, we report the discovery of husk phytoliths and biomolecular(More)
BACKGROUND In light of the evidence for brain white matter (WM) abnormalities in schizophrenia, study of normal WM maturation in adolescence may provide critical insights relevant to the neurodevelopment of the disorder. Voxel-wise diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) studies have consistently demonstrated increases in fractional anisotropy (FA), a putative(More)
The metabolic syndrome, manifested by insulin resistance, obesity, dyslipidemia, and hypertension, is conceived to increase the risk for coronary heart disease and type II diabetes. Several studies have used factor analysis to explore its underlying structure among related risk variables but reported different results. Taking a hypothesis-testing approach,(More)
A multi-mode network typically consists of multiple heterogeneous social actors among which various types of interactions could occur. Identifying communities in a multi-mode network can help understand the structural properties of the network, address the data shortage and unbalanced problems, and assist tasks like targeted marketing and finding(More)
SULT1A1, which catalyzes the sulfate conjugation of a wide variety of natural and synthetic compounds, is genetically polymorphic. Biochemical and pharmacogenetic studies have demonstrated that individual variation in the level of enzyme activity is inherited. Common single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) located in the open reading frame and in the(More)
A new sensitive microwave life-detection system which can be used to locate human subjects buried under earthquake rubble or hidden behind various barriers has been constructed. This system operating at 1150 MHz or 450 MHz can detect the breathing and heartbeat signals of human subjects through an earthquake rubble or a construction barrier of about 10-ft(More)