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Gene expression data from microarrays are being applied to predict preclinical and clinical endpoints, but the reliability of these predictions has not been established. In the MAQC-II project, 36 independent teams analyzed six microarray data sets to generate predictive models for classifying a sample with respect to one of 13 endpoints indicative of lung(More)
Many climatic time series seem to be a mixture of unpredictable uctuations and changes that occur at a known frequency, as in the case of the annual cycle. Such a time series is called a cyclostationary process. The lagged covariance statistics of a cyclosta-tionary process are periodic in time with the frequency of the nested undulations, and the(More)
PURPOSE The two approved treatments for patients with metastatic melanoma, interleukin (IL)-2 and dacarbazine, mediate objective response rates of 12% to 15%. We previously reported that adoptive cell therapy (ACT) with autologous antitumor lymphocytes in lymphodepleted hosts mediated objective responses in 51% of 35 patients. Here, we update that study and(More)
The structures of dendritic spines and the dendritic tree, key determinants of neuronal function, are regulated by diverse inputs that affect many scaffolding and signaling molecules. Nevertheless, here we show that reduced expression of a single gene results in loss of dendritic spines and a decrease in dendritic complexity. Kalirin, a dual Rho GDP-GTP(More)
Although a number of pitfalls of QSAR have been corrected in the past decade, the reliability of QSAR models is still insufficient. The reason why QSAR fails is still under hot debate; our study attempts to address this topic from a practical and empirical perspective, evaluating two relatively large toxicological data sets using a typical combination of(More)
The impact of Asian dust on cloud radiative forcing during 2003–2006 is studied by using the Clouds and Earth's Radiant Energy Budget Scanner (CERES) data and the Fu-Liou radiative transfer model. Analysis of satellite data shows that the dust aerosol significantly reduced the cloud cooling effect at TOA. In dust contaminated cloudy regions, the 4-year mean(More)
East Asia is a major dust source in the world. Mineral dusts in the atmosphere and their interactions with clouds and precipitation have great impacts on regional climate in Asia, where there are large arid and semiarid regions. In this review paper, we summarize the typical transport paths of East Asian dust, which affect regional and global climates, and(More)
Recent studies have indicated that adoptive immunotherapy with autologous antitumor tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) following nonmyeloablative chemotherapy mediates tumor regression in approximately 50% of treated patients with metastatic melanoma, and that tumor regression is correlated with the degree of persistence of adoptively transferred T cells(More)
Cluster of differentiation (CD)8(+) T cells exist as naive, central memory, and effector memory subsets, and any of these populations can be genetically engineered into tumor-reactive effector cells for adoptive immunotherapy. However, the optimal subset from which to derive effector CD8(+) T cells for patient treatments is controversial and understudied.(More)
The lack of persistence of transferred autologous mature lymphocytes in humans has been a major limitation to the application of effective cell transfer therapies. The results of a pilot clinical trial in 13 patients with metastatic melanoma suggested that conditioning with nonmyeloablative chemotherapy before adoptive transfer of activated tumor-reactive T(More)