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BACKGROUND Repeat gamma knife radiosurgery (GKRS) is considered to be an effective treatment for refractory or recurrent trigeminal neuralgia (TN). AIMS The purpose of this report was to demonstrate the relationship between the outcome of repeat GKRS and prior operative procedures on patients with recurrent or refractory TN. MATERIALS AND METHODS A(More)
BACKGROUND We investigated the safety of treatment of symptomatic intracranial atherosclerotic stenoses with the Gateway-Wingspan system and its initial effect on prevention of ischemic events. METHODS Twenty-seven cases of symptomatic intracranial atherosclerotic stenoses were treated with angioplasty with a Wingspan stent. Location of stenoses, extent(More)
CD24 is overexpressed in glioma cells in vitro and in vivo. However, the correlation of its expression with clinicopathological parameters of gliomas and its prognostic significance in this tumor remain largely unknown. To address this problem, 151 glioma specimens and 10 nonneoplastic brain tissues were collected. Quantitative real-time PCR,(More)
— This paper presents an approach to enhance speech feature estimation in the log spectral domain under additive noise environments. A switching linear dynamic model (SLDM) is explored as a parametric model for the clean speech distribution, enforcing a state transition in the feature space and capturing the smooth time evolution of speech conditioned on(More)
Gossypol, the polyphenolic constituent isolated from cottonseeds, has been used as a male antifertility drug for a long time, and has been demonstrated to exhibit excellent anti-tumor activity towards multiple cancer types. The toxic effects of gossypol limit its clinical utilization, and enzyme inhibition is an important facet of this. In the present(More)
AIM The aberrant expression of regenerating islet-derived family member, 4 (Reg IV) has been found in various human cancers. However, the roles of Reg IV gene and its encoding product in human glioma have not been clearly understood. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the clinicopathological significance of Reg IV expression in glioma. (More)
In this paper, a Switching Kalman Filter (SKF) with a Generalized Pseudo Bayesian (GPB) algorithm of order 1 is applied to the problem of speech enhancement. It is proposed to use the masking properties of human auditory systems as a perceptual post-filter concatenated with the GPB algorithm. Experiments show that the proposed algorithm can achieve an(More)