Jianpeng Zhou

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In this paper, we present a real time robust human detection and tracking system for video surveillance which can be used in varying environments. This system consists of human detection, human tracking and false object detection. The human detection utilizes the background subtraction to segment the blob and use codebook to classify human being from other(More)
Effective bio-removal of heavy metals is important for water treatment. Although a number of microorganism species demonstrated the ability of living cells to remove cadmium, most of them were tested at fixed concentration of metals, salinity, and temperature. This paper reported a research on the screening and performance of a newly developed deep-sea(More)
Enterprise is the main energy consumer and carbon emitter in an economy, how to reduce the enterprise's carbon emission during the processes of production is an important standard to evaluate effectiveness of the government's carbon tax policy. By establishing a carbon tax model for a representative enterprise, this paper analysis the changes of inputs(More)
The aim of this study is to use the life cycle assessment method to measure the environmental performance of the sludge incineration process in a wastewater treatment plant and to propose an alternative that can reduce the environmental impact. To show the damages caused by the treatment processes, the study aimed to use an endpoint approach in evaluating(More)
Low-carbon society results from the behaviors of carbon reduction that all the companies take in the long time. This paper proposes the enterprise's evolutionary model of behavior on carbon emission and studies its evolutionary path. The results show that the evolutionary result of behavior on carbon emission depends on the initial status, assets return and(More)
Supply chain plays an important role in energy consumption and carbon emissions in an economy, how to optimize processes of supply chain, and promote whole supply chain in a way of de-carbonization, it has become a common concern of the community. By constructing a two-echelon closed-loop supply chain model, which composed of a single manufacturer and a(More)
This paper focuses on the loan-to-value ratio of CERs financing when enterprises have CERs in current or in future. And it comes to a conclusion that the bank has a right to choose to face the default risk or not by the loan-to-value ratio when the enterprise takes the current CERs to pledge. Finally, a model of the loan-to-value ratio in which the bank has(More)
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