Jianpeng Yin

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Resistance of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) to existing chemotherapeutic agents largely contributes to the poor prognosis of patients, and discovery of novel anti-HCC drug is in an urgent need. Herein we report ψ-Bufarenogin, a novel active compound that we isolated from the extract of toad skin, exhibited potent therapeutic effect in xenografted human(More)
Algorithm of wireless network selection is used to ensure that users can access to the most suitable network when the connected network can't satisfy users' requirement. Previous network selection algorithms are based on single attribute of wireless network. In the next generation network, it will make error if the algorithm still adopts single standard(More)
An approach is developed for the synthesis of bisbenzannelated spiro[5,5]ketals via a catalytic relay reaction cascade involving a new cyclo-etherification, which is prompted by fluoride and catalyzed by the hypoiodite species generated in situ from irradiative aerobic oxidation of an iodide ion formed in the former step of the reaction cascade.
Although self quotient image (SQI) has been popularly used for face recognition as a retinex-based based illumination normalization method, it suffers from strong shadows in faces with abrupt intensity change. In this paper, we propose SQI-based illumination normalization for face recognition based on discrete wavelet transform (DWT). To remove shadow edges(More)
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