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This paper presents a novel approach to multi-type distributed generation (DG) planning based on the analysis of investment and income brought by grid-connected DG. Firstly, the timing characteristics of loads and DG outputs, as well as the environmental benefits of DG are analyzed. Then, on the basis of the classification of daily load sequences, the(More)
Based on the premise of the low-carbon economy, the relation between power generation and CO<sub>2</sub> emission of various power plants is formulated, and the power system optimization dispatch model considering carbon emissions, amount of total fuel, pollutant emission and power purchase cost is established. Carbon capture plant is considered.(More)
Leaf is one of the most important organs of plant and often used as one of the basic characters in plant classification. The developmental condition of leaf can provide us with lots of critical information, such as the plant's health condition, the prospection of crop yield and so on. Leaf image processing by computer has been widely used for the extraction(More)
This article mainly aims at the secondary distribution of the electric car battery. The starting point is to coverage in power plant on every side, and to avoid overlapping distribution area and the unreasonable distribution radius is not reasonable. It establishes the minimum cost model of distribution center. And in order to satisfy the demands of battery(More)
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